Services :
 At Hair of the Dog we offer a full line of grooming
                             services. Your dogs experience will start with a
                             pre bath brushing and combing, then its time for a
                             relaxing bath where the glands are expressed and
                             one of our special shampoos are applied. Your
                             dog is then dried, the nails are clipped and the
                             ears are cleaned. Your dog is now ready for all
                             the finishing touches. Quotes on haircuts will be
                             given at the time you make your appointment.
For appointments please call :  909-626-5066
Day Care:
                     Hair of the Dog is happy to be able to provide
                          a clean and relaxing environment for your dogs day                    
                           care services. All we ask of our clients is to help us
                          to keep our services available to them by making
                          sure their dogs are clean and flea free.
                           All dogs must have one of the following products
                           applied before entering our day care service.

                        We will be more than happy to apply Frontline to your
                        pet if needed for $14.00 an application.


           Full Day:  $25.00
           Half Day:  $15.00

           Full day with grooming:  $15.00

           Half day with grooming:  $10.00

A half day is considered to be 4 hours after the original groom time.
We also provide daycare by the hour for $4.00 an hour. *Ask about
our multiple dog discount.

All dogs will be evaluated before they are allowed to participate.

  Please call for an appointment:  909-626-5066